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June is almost over

We arrived at our work site last night about 1 AM.

Stopped the ship and pushed down the thrusters to hold us in position. Apparently there is a thruster next to my cabin. Sounded like pushing a heavy metal barrel down a gravel road.

Main engine on the derrick has been running all night. Thankfully, I am far enough away, and the water sounds are loud enough, to cover that noise. Lowering a cementing assembly down to the sea floor, about 2800 meters.

As soon as they manage to push the assembly into the hole, then they will begin pouring down cement. We are supposed to do this twice in this area if possible.

Seas are calmer, so there is a good chance of success. Weather was getting cloudier and they are expecting another storm, so they are trying to hurry.

Expecting a long day today. We will start performance testing tonight and continue until we can't do it any longer or find the problem with our services. We have a limited window to work in while everyone else is asleep.

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Sunday the 28th

Well, I feel like my cabin should be certified as a meat locker. The thermostat is apparently broken and the AC has been running on full. The temperature is set to keep it around 20 C, it was 11 this morning at midnight when I went to bed. That's around 55 F for the rest of you. Called engineering and put on extra clothes to go to sleep.

Was better when I woke up, around 19 C, so maybe they fixed something.

Feeling much better today. Only took one dramamine instead of the usual two last night and none so far this morning. Will see how well I make it as the day progresses.

Crazy morning. Forgot that Sunday is barbecue day on the ship. So I woke up to a breakfast of barbecue, which is their special lunch meal on Sundays. While I love barbecue, somehow first thing in the morning seemed wrong. I settled for a hamburger.

Weather continues sunshine and wind. We are making better time today, almost back to 8 knots. We should arrive at our work site tomorrow sometime. Depends on the sea state how long we will be staying there. They have a big cementing job to do, but it requires putting the input pipe into a small space in the grill surrounding the instrument on the sea floor. They don't want to damage the instrument by hitting it. Should be entertaining to watch. Assuming all goes well we will be there about 36-48 hours and then off to Victoria.

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Noon on the 27th

Interesting night last night. Started out much like the previous one, nauseous, bouncing around the washing machine that my sleeping quarters. Gave up looking at the computer pretty quickly and laid down. Tried to ignore everything and go to sleep. Woke up at 11 AM, 10 hours later. Longest connected sleep I have had in several days. Only remember waking up once the whole night.

Wind and wave have cut our speed down drastically. We are now moving at less than 6 knots where we were moving at 11-12 knots. Debates have started about whether or not we will even be able to complete the engineering work at the site when we arrive with the current sea state.

Off to another day of fun and excitement....not. Back to the grind.

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Later that same day

Well I survived the evening ok. Dramamine remains my friend. The winds have blown the clouds away and it is bright sunshine with a very cool breeze cutting across the deck at about 30 MPH. The waves continue to toss us around, though the swell is only about 3-4 meters.

Working on the computer in the bottom of the ship is not so bad. Thye movements are much less noticeable down there. I had a bit of a trouble with a meeting up on the bridge deck. The sway was really beginning to get to me. A trip outside cooled me off and calmed me down quite well. Have to be careful about getting wet though. The main deck is getting regularly washed and even the next two, Fo'c'sle and Core decks are getting a lot of spray. Bridge deck is still pretty dry. Yes lots of decks, three above main, three below. The main lab / hotel building is seven stories and is still dwarfed by the drill rig.

Attached a photo of a wave hitting the bow. Very nice considering the bow is more than 20 feet above the water most of the time.


The noise of construction / renovation in the engine area has driven me out of the developer's office twice today. The sound of a metal saw touching the hull is tremendous and painful.

Almost time for lunch (6 PM) and I'm hungry.

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Very early on the 26th

Well, as the captain predicted, we are now in much heavier seas and high winds. The ship has returned to its normal form of rocking and rolling. I am sitting here hoping my Dramamine kicks in quickly as I didn't take it early enough.

I have discovered that my room, which is at the very front of the ship on the main deck, is very noisy. It sounds like I am in the middle of a washing machine which is overloaded. Slosh slosh gurgle slosh slurp BANG. Literally sounds like my room is half submerged and water is running on all sides of it. Take your typical beach heavy wave sounds and put them on all sides combined with the sounds of water splashing around you. May try to record it later.

Just got off shift and preparing for sleep. Good night.

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