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Addendum to long days night

Well, though it is not exactly a thrilling picture, I did find a small use for my new camera.


The area behind me is where I spend, actually very little, of my waking hours. I am usually moving all over the ship settling issues and keeping people on focus. But, that is my current working cubicle.

Oh, and that is me, beard and all.

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A long days night

Well, we have all gotten into shift work, and it is killing me. While my shift did not change at all (I still work 6 AM to 6PM), I now have staff on every other shift there is. So with people on four different shifts a day (we call them 12s and 6s - guess why), I am getting almost no sleep trying to keep up with everyone's problems.

In the last four days, two of them have been 20 hours long. I have accumulated 14 hours of sleep in 4 days. Today was one of the long ones.

Anyways, writing this as I finish out my shift, mostly brain dead. Hoping for a solid 8 hours tonight and no problems.

I will try to write again tomorrow. It should be Sunday. Normally we would get a short day, but I have no idea how they will handle that with everyone on different schedules.

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Well, so much for plans. The Loyang dock is a very controlled area. We are less than a mile from the nearest MRT station (Metro Rapid Transit). However, to get there is more than a 3 mile trip, because there is only one way in and out of the area. I walked all over it today looking for a footpath, bikepath, anything. Fenced and sealed in all directions. Good exercise at least.

So my options to travel cheaply into town on the MRT have evaporated. The cab ride to the MRT station is 6-7$S, each way. Changes a 5$S trip into a 15$S trip. Makes it tougher for a cheapskate like me to just wander out for a few hours in the evening.

Didn't buy a camera last night. Nothing in the price range I was willing to pay. We are tentatively planning a run out to Chinatown tomorrow night. There are apparently a lot of open air stalls in that area that sell just about anything. Should be fun.

Crazy day at work today. Spent more time moving freight and cleaning areas than I did even thinking about computing. My group is moving work areas, again, tomorrow. We have now cleaned and prepped three areas, being moved out of each one about a week after we get it functional. Fortunately they are running out of spaces that have not been set up.

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Back in Singapore

The ship has finished its sea trials – we passed. We are now cleared to begin work.

As I write we sit dockside in Loyang, a shipping port in Eastern Singapore waiting for immigration to come on board and clear us back into Singapore. Tools down (work day over) has been set for 3 PM, partly because it is Sunday and partly because people are itching to go to town. A bunch of us are heading into town for a bit of satay and beer at a place called Lau Pa Sat (low pasa). This is the large Victorian filigree iron structure and they have over a dozen satay vendors which do a wonderful job of cooking meat on a stick.

I am planning on buying a new camera today. While know to a few, my original camera obtained at home was stolen during our stay in the dockyard. Many things were stolen during our stay in the dockyard. Having several hundred dock workers wandering through the ship, many times looking for a place to sit and talk on their phones instead of work, nothing was secure if it could be put in a pocket. Tools, cell phones, glasses, cameras, portable disk drives, thumb drives, and many other items all disappeared over the course of the construction. I was just one victim among many.

Anyways, now that we are out of the dockyard and our ship is under our security, I am getting a new camera. So pictures will once again show up here in the future.

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The sea trials in progress

Well, the first part of our short sea trials was great. Sea was smooth, winds calm, hardly felt like we were moving. Really neat to stand out on the deck and watch the ocean glide by without so much as a bit of roll on the deck. A small tug passed us. He was bouncing and rolling a lot. We might as well have been going down a freeway on wheels.

During the night the wind picked up and we got much farther out from shore. The travel got a lot rougher, but still, to my memory, smoother than the JR used to travel. Several of our newer employees are suffering sea sickness. Not so much for some. The funniest was one of our new young people. When she woke up her roommate asked her how did she like the ship motion. She looked at her roommate in puzzlement and said “We’re moving? I thought we parked for the night.” She can now tell we are moving when she thinks about it, but otherwise does not even notice the rocking.

Internet remains a problem. Our very expensive dual satellite auto tracking and switching system so far is a disaster. We get neither single dish tracking nor switching when we turn.

Work is somewhat ragged today, with people moving around securing things as well as those who are ill and the general distraction / newness of sailing for others.

I am on Dramamine and for the most part ok. Being prone to motion sickness, I can definitely feel the difference, but I am keeping ahead of the problem so far. This trip is so short (2 days) I doubt I will even have time to adapt.

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